The Head Office Representative of the World Vision Visits “Aleppo” CCO

On September 15, 2015, the representative of the World Vision International organization’s head office, Mrs. LuzMaria Alen, visited “Aleppo” CCO’s Yerevan office.

The meeting was based on the cooperation agreement recently signed between “Aleppo” CCO and World Vision Armenia International organization.

During her visit Mrs. Alen met with the members of the Executive Body of “Aleppo” CCO. The Organization’s Founder President, Mrs. Ani Balkhian, provided comprehensive information about the activities conducted by the organization, as well as informed about current and upcoming initiatives.

During the meeting further cooperation between “Aleppo” CCO and Armenian representation of World Vision was discussed.  At the end of the meeting Mrs. Alen once again expressed her delight and satisfaction with the activities undertaken by the organization, referring to “Aleppo” CCO.