The Leader of the Berio Diocese of Catholicate of the Great House of Cilicia, His Eminence Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian Visits “Aleppo” CCO

On September 23, 2015, “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization had the honor of hosting His Eminence Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian, the leader of the diocese of Berio of the Great House of Cilicia.


Welcoming and highlighting the importance of Archbishop’s visit, the Founder President of “Aleppo” CCO, Mrs. Ani Balkhian noted, that with this appreciable and encouraging act, Archbishop gives faith to this truly praiseworthy mission, undertaken over 2 years by “Aleppo” CCO, and motivates for continuing charitable activities with unlimited energy and enthusiasm.

Mrs. Balkhian thoroughly introduced the activities undertaken by “Aleppo” CCO, current and upcoming initiatives, aimed at the welfare of the Syrian-Armenian community in need.

Expressing satisfaction with “Aleppo” CCO’s activities, His Eminence Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian in His turn noted that undertaking a very important function, “Aleppo” CCO took on a big mission and performs the work with a great honor.


It is worth mentioning that the meeting took place at the newly-opened center for Syrian children and adults with disabilities, “Arevik-Armenia”, working under the patronage of “Aleppo” CCO.  During the visit, Holy Father also met with the individuals with disabilities, the teaching staff, and the representative of the board of trustees Mrs. Lusine Shohmelyan.

Referring to the structures standing at the roots of the establishment of “Arevik” center, Mrs. Ani Balkhian, noted that the activities of the center based in Aleppo would be impossible without the support of the three community leaders.

Within the frames of the visit, the individuals of “Arevik–Armenia” center, headed by the Director of the center, Mrs. Aline Momjian, performed the “St. Cross” song.


Expressing His excitement and deep honor regarding the activities of “Arevik–Armenia” center, His Eminence Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian noted that it is highly appreciable to see how much the everyday life of the individuals with disabilities is filled with Christian faith, and the high level of realization of preservation of national identity.

“On behalf of Armenian Diocese of Berio accept our appreciation, our prayers and blessings. May the Lord bring peace to Syria and Syrian-Armenians. May you be strong and persistent in your mission”, said His Eminence Archbishop Shahan Sarkissian and wished good bye to the members of the organization with Lord’s prayer.

In her welcoming speech. Mrs. Ani Balkhian, highlighted:

“His Eminence Holy Father,

On behalf of “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization, let me welcome You and express my gratitude for honoring us with Your presence at “Aleppo” CCO.   With this important, inspiring and highly appreciable act, You once more inspired and appreciated this commendable work, undertaken by the children of The Mother Colony in Aleppo 2 years ago, for relieving the sufferings and pains of their brothers and sisters caused by the Syrian civil war.

Welcoming and wishing the best to the teachers, children and adults with disabilities of “Arevik-Armenia” center, today we remember “Arevik” center, founded in Aleppo 13 years ago, the activities of which would be impossible without the support of the three community leaders.

Holy Father, with Your visit, You inspired and encouraged us with unlimited enthusiasm for continuing our charity activities.

On this occasion, in the cozy atmosphere of this newly-opened center, let me ask for your blessings for the welfare of the Armenia people, for the bright future of the Syrian-Armenian community, as well as for the eternal peace in Armenia.”

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