US Embassy funded Project Targets Syrian Youth Educational Needs

Since October 2015, “Aleppo” Compatriotic Charitable Organization implements “Syrian Youth for a Better Future in Armenia” youth participatory project funded by the US Embassy in Armenia.

Identifying and addressing educational needs of Syrian Youth, the project introduces comprehensive and well-structured long-term training program, offering variety of classes on knowledge transfer and skill building opportunities. Moreover, it grounds the platform with the best learning environment for young people to tackle challenges and barriers together, deal with them theoretically and practically, learn from each other’s experiences and try to find relevant applicable solutions.

Further, classes designed for young people are based on methodology and mechanisms to increase interaction, communication, socializing among young people, as well as enhance group-working skills, sharing ideas, building friendships and absorbing valuable information. Increasing learning-opportunities and empowering Syrian youngsters is the key objective of this program to boost their personal development and job prospects.