We Did It Together!

Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (Aleppo-NGO) has been struggling since September 25, 2019, to raise the money needed for Krikor Astabanian’s heart surgery. Thanks to all donors we have collected 4,400,000 AMD – the amount necessary for the operation. We extend our sincere gratitude to all of you for your generous donations toward making our goal a reality. 

On behalf of Aleppo-NGO and Krikor’s family we would like to express our special gratitude to Nork Marash Medical Center and Dr. Hovaguimian for their generous contribution. Re-examinations at Nork Marash Medical Center determined that Krikor will require a heart rate monitor implant following the surgery. At Nork Marash Medical Center the cost of the surgery is usually 4,750,000 AMD while the cost of the implant is 1, 700, 000 AMD, so total of 6, 450, 000 AMD (approx. $13,600), but the Medical Center decided to give a discount of 1,550,000 AMD on the surgery and an additional 500,000 AMD discount for the heart rate monitor implant. With all the discounts, the total cost of the surgery will cost 4,400,000 AMD (approx. $9,270).

Special thanks to Armenia Artsakh Fund, particularly Harut Sassounian, President of the United Armenian Fund and Nouritza Abujamra, Program Director at Armenia Artsakh Fund, for not being indifferent to the medical condition of Krikor Astabanian and the implemented efforts for finding fast solutions to the issue.

We express our deepest gratitude to the Armenian General Benevolent Union (ABGU) and Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) as well for their considerable support. AGBU and AMAA together have provided 1,000,000 AMD (approx. $2110). The contributions of these organizations to our fundraising helped us get closer to the surgery.

Swiss Group – ???

And with the donations of the following individuals we have collected the rest of the amount:

Mr. and Mrs. Balian

Mr. and Mrs. Perdikian

Mr. and Mrs. Karagulian

Mr. and Mrs. Keshishian

Mr. and Mrs. Tumian

Vahe Tlbachian

Maral Garagashian

Ani Balkhian

Sarkis Balkhian

Yeghsa Mihranian-Dedeian

Hovhannes Martirosyan

Mari Stepanian

Nairi Shekoian

Anjig Nabatian

Lora Basmajian

Zhano Khtumian

Petros Girazian

Vahe Kirakosian

Perch Atalian

Tamar Kevoian

Shushan Karapetyan

Salbi Karagulian

Tania Baboghlian

Talin Aintaplian

Tania Bardakchian

Azniv Grigoryan-Berdikyan

Suzi Artinian

Hripsime Terzyan

Yeranuhi Hakobian

Zarmine Banoian

Zhanet Keleshian

Zabel Tenekechian

Khatun Hallajian

Tamar Vardanian

Mayta Chavushian

Rozik Bano

Tamar Zabunian

Gohar Margeian

Zepyur Palapanian

Araks Martirosyan

Eviya Hovhannisyan

Margarit Avedian

Liana Hambardzumyan

anonymous donor

Thank you all for your generosity and support. Together we saved a life…